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Office 365 advantages


GET Office 365 free trial version !!!

+24-hour security, privacy and availability

Office 365 includes wide variety of privacy tools, and Microsoft does not scan emails or documents for advertising purposes. With continuous data backup, wide disaster recovering resources and global data centers, you can be sure, that your data and services will always be accessible with same 99.9% up-time as Office 365 companies.

+Work with familiar tools

Office 365 has your well-known Office tools. Easy and securely create, store and edit Word, OneNote, Excel and PowerPoint files on your web browser, phone or computer. You can work both, offline or online.

+25GB e-mail and calendars

Professional level cloud placed e-mail and calendars, provided by Microsoft Exchange Online. 25 GB storage for every user.

+Web conferences

Experience Online meeting with audio and video features.  Share desktops, files, and PowerPoint presentations online with your colleagues and invited guests.


Spam filtering an antivirus protection.


For easy usage and management. Easy usable cloud management tools, which can be configurable according to your company needs. Office 365 provides patching, updating and upgrading. Office 365 supports local, online and hybrid deployment. We provide IT level 24-hour support.


Regular Office product updates, adding new functions and features.


Microsoft help and support provides online answers, resources of practical advice resources and communication with other Office users.

Office 365 is a simple way to organize your everyday work and collaborate. Benefits:

  1. Easy to start work with;
  2. Application Word, Excel, PowerPoint un OneNote online versions;
  3. Professional e-mail, shared calendars, instant messaging, videoconferencing and collaboration in document creation;
  4. This is complete and business level suitable set of Microsoft tools, which do not need special infrastructure anymore.

Microsoft Office 365 means secure access to professional Office Web applications, e-mail, calendars, instant messaging, conferencing and document collaboration options, wherever you are.

Euroscreen Support Center offers: 

  1. Office 365 free trial version
  2. Office 365 installation and training
  3. Office 365 e-mail and calendar configuration
  4. Office 365 services administration
  5. Office 365 subscription plans and billing support
  6. Upgrade and consulting services
  7. Application integration services
  8. Client home page and SharePoint integration with Office 365
  9. Other technical issues un troubleshooting

Our experience

Our IT support team works with Microsoft product platform more than 15 years and during this time we have implemented more than 50 different solutions for enterprise.

Office 365 free trial version

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